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Did you know?

1890's - Parker Brothers begin making an indoor tennis kit which included a portable net, a small ball covered in netting, and paddles.

1900 - Englishman James Gibb is credited with bringing hollow celluloid balls back to England from the USA, although some other sources claim they were plastic balls. Previously most balls were solid rubber or cork, often covered in material. Some sources also credit Gibb with inventing the name "ping pong", which was supposed to have been derived from the sound of the ball bouncing off the drum battledores (paddles), each of which had a different sound.

1901 - John Jacques register "Ping Pong" as a trade name in England. The American rights to the name are sold to Parker Brothers.

Our Committed Coaches
Amit Dam

Sri Amit Kumar Dam (Chief Coach)

  • Coach of Indian Table Tennis Team for Jr Asian Championship-2001 Hong Kong
  • Coach of Indian Table Tennis Team for Pro ITTF Tournament at Lebanan, 1997
  • Asstt.Coach of Sr Indain Team for World Championship 1997
  • Coach of Bengal National Team -1991 -2002
  • Coach of North Bengal National Team -2011

Award received by Chief Coach

  •  Special award of Govt of India-2002

  • Highest National Champion produced Coach by Bengal TT Association-2010

  • Best Coach of North Bengal awarded by North Bengal University-2010
Vikrant Prasad

Vikrant Prasad

  • NIS & International Umpire
  • Joined Siliguri Table Tennis Academy As Coach on 6th Jan,2015
Mrinmoy Chowdhury

Mrinmoy Chowdhury

  • MCA, BPED, Level II Coach under TTFI/ITTF
  • Joined Siliguri Table Tennis Academy As Coach on 1.6.2014
Supriya Roy

Supriya Roy - Ex- state level player

Mrs Paramita Ghosh

Mrs Paramita Ghosh - Ex state level player

Susmita Roy

Mrs Susmita Roy

Sri Subrata Saha - Ex national level player

Sri Promod Guha Roy - Ex-state  level player