Siliguri Table Tennis


Did you know?

1903 - On the 1st May 1903, "The Table Tennis Association" and "The Ping Pong Association" amalgamate, forming "The United Table Tennis and Ping Pong Association". This association will later revert its name to "The Table Tennis Association", before becoming defunct in 1904.

1920's - 1950's - Classic Hard Bat Era - Europe Dominates the Sport

1920's - In the early 1920's the game began to revive in England and Europe.

Our Training System

Present system of Admission and practice

A talent search camp is organized in the month of May every year to search the talent out of which 5 to 10 children being admitted in the Academy.

Practice Timings

  • Physical Training : 5-30 AM to 6-30 AM
  • Morning Practice : 8-30 AM to 10-30 AM
  • Evening Practice : 3-30 PM to 7-30 PM
  • Theoretical Class on Monday : 5-30 PM to 7-30 PM