Siliguri Table Tennis


Our International Players
Sl. Name Year Name of Tounament & Country
1 Souvik Basu Roy 1993
Pro 1TTF Tournament at Dhaka
1993 Junior Asian Championship at China
2 Moumita Dutta 1994 Goodwill tour at Belarus Junior Asian
1994 Championship at Japan
3 Kasturi Chakraborty 1997 Junior Asian Championship at Japan
1997 Pro 1TTF Tournament at Lebanan
1998 Goodwill tour at Dhaka
4 Subhajit Saha 1998 to 2011 Player of Indian Team Participated All Pro ITTF Tourament, Asian Championship, World Championship, Commonwelth Championship, Commonwelth Game, SAF Games. Best Achivement Doubles Gold in Commonwelth Game 2010 at Delhi
5 Nandita Saha 2000 to 2010 Players of Indian Team participated all Pro-ITTF tournament, Commonwealth Championship, World Championship, Asian Championship. Best Performance Gold in World Championship 2004 at Malaysia in Group B and India Team Reached in Group A                                   
6 Salankara Mahalanabish 2002 to 2004 World Youth Championships Hungery, China Open at China, Junior World Circuit, Best Achievement Member of Asian Continent Team at 2004
7 Poli Saha 1996 5th Pacific Game for the Deaf at Malaysia
2000 South Asian Pacific game at Taiwan
2001 Olympic game for Deaf at Roam Olympic
2004 Game for Deaf at Australia
8 Soumyojit Ghosh 2005 World Junior Circuit at Dubai
9 Rituja Das 2006 Junior World Pro Tour at China
10 Oisarja Dev 2008 Junior World pro tour at China
11 Nikita Sarkar 2015 Represented India in Cadet/Sub Junior India Cup held at Indore during Sept, 2015
12 Jaybrata Bhattacherjee 2017 Represented India Cup in Indian team sub junior held in December 2017 at Delhi.
13 Takeme Sarkar 2017 Represented World RLY in Barlin in August 2017, Medal Bronze